Soldiers, Cronies and Deforestation

The story behind Indonesia's food estate programme

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Meet the Sumatran indigenous tribe who gave up their land and now live in poverty

‘Turning fear into strength’: One woman’s struggle for justice in Sulawesi

Eva Bande was jailed for her role as a community organiser in the Indonesian island. Ten years on, her fight continues.

The battle for the mountains of Mollo

When miners descended on sacred sites in eastern Indonesia, indigenous women occupied them in protest.

The women of Kendeng set their feet in cement to stop a mine in their lands. This is their story.

Part one of a series on Indonesia’s women land defenders.

Our Mothers' Land - Feature Film

They were told women couldn't lead. They didn't listen.

How a quiet civil servant came to lead a powerful grassroots environmental movement

“Mika is an extraordinary fighter for the environment”

The Bornean village chief dealing with the fallout from a corrupt plantation deal

After he was elected village head, Kardie discovered huge areas of his community's land had been ceded to investors.

The priest investigating companies' take-over of indigenous peoples’ forests

Part of a series tracing the roots of Indonesia’s deforestation and land rights crises to corruption in the plantation sector.

Arkani, the Dayak known as Dragon Beard

“We gave him our trust, but in the end we were forgotten.”

The ‘provocateur’ who was jailed over a dispute with a palm oil firm

Budiardi stood for parliament to push back against companies acting with impunity

The farmer who fought back

James was at the vanguard of a backlash against Seruyan district chief Darwan Ali.